Disney Magic Kingdoms Review 2017

Disney magic kingdoms is a game launched by the Popular App developer Gameloft which delivered hits like the Asphalt series and Modern combat. Disney magic kingdom is available on both the platforms IOS and Android. On android play store the game is currently of 71.61 MB(APK). An additional download ranging from 175 MB to 200 MB is also required to play this game, and on IOS it is available for 91.1 MB. The game has over 10 million downloads and has a user rating of 4.3 which is excellent for a simulation game.

The game is supported by many languages- English, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish.

The Disney Magic Kingdom is based on character driven Theme park building game. Disney magic kingdoms introduce people to the magical world of Disney parks as you go around creating your magical Disney park with your customizations featuring your most beloved childhood characters ranging from the famous Mickey Mouse to everyone’s favorite Buzz Lightyear.

The game characters are covering over 90 years of the amazing Disney journey.

  • you can have spectacular moments with beloved Disney characters such as the loving  Mickey Mouse, the sweet-hearted princess Rapunzel, brave space man Buzz Lightyear, the ever joyful Tinker Bell and more!
  • Variety of mind boggling and animated quests that bring every aspect of your Disney kingdom to life
  • Collect crazy memorable Disney-themed items.

The game features excellent graphics and audios for all the fans out there making the experience of playing this game much more immersing.


  1. Open Play Store on your Android Device.
  2. On the search, tab types the Disney Magic Kingdom.
  3. Click on the first app you see after the search result.
  4. Click on Install button.
  5. Give access to all the permission it requires.

6.The game will download additional data for playing

Now you are ready to go!

You can download this game for free but for progress in the game and to unlock certain characters’ customizations and stages you might need a virtual currency which can be obtained by viewing advertisements or buying using real money all the transactions using real money are carried out using credit cards etc. Though there is an in-game currency that players can use to move the game along, they will eventually run out of the gems and; at that point, players have to two options either to wait for timers to get over or to spend real money to get things speeded up. You can restrict in-app purchases using play store settings.

We hope we have covered all the aspects of this fantastic game in Disney Magic Kingdoms and have given a detailed review about all the things this game has to offer. This game is available on both Android and IOS so start downloading and have fun playing this game with your friends and feel free to share this article with your friends and spread the joy, cheers.

Download Disney Magic Kingdoms Android

Download Disney Magic Kingdoms iOS

Call of Duty Zombies APK 2017 (with free features)

Call of Duty: Zombies is of the best-selling games on Android and iOS devices. All the die-hard fans of Call of Duty needs no further explanation regarding this addictive game, but we will brief you with some of the details before proceeding further. Imagine an addictive game with a download size of only 39.57 MB (only APK) on Android devices and 52.8MB on Apple Devices. The game is developed by Activision Publishing Inc. and is now compatible with Android M (6.0). Around 1,00,000+ downloads have been done as of now, and there is the positive reaction from every one of the gamers who has played CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS ZOMBIES. Likewise, this game is easy to play and have similarly amazing graphics and interface. The sad part about CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIES APK is that it comes with a price tag. It is available for download only after paying $6.99 on Android and ₹4.99 on Apple Devices. Don’t worry we have got this for you. We will tell you about CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS ZOMBIES HACK so that you need not pay the price for your favorite game. Follow this simple steps to install CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS ZOMBIES HACK APK.


  • First of all, you need to download CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIES APK from the third-party source. You can try this link: Call of Duty Zombies Apk.
  • If you have downloaded the file on your Laptop or tablet, transfer it to your Android device via a USB cable or Bluetooth connection or any other app.
  • Once the file is on your phone, locate it from the Downloads folder.
  • Install the application.
  • Kudos! You can now play the CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS ZOMBIES on your Android device and play it with your friends and loved ones.


Since we told you about the MOD of CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS ZOMBIES download procedure, we would like to brief you with some more cool features which make the game more addictive. Here are some of the added features with this MOD which makes CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS ZOMBIES more attractive and addictive.

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Offers to you unlock all the weapons.

We hope we have covered all the aspects of this fantastic game Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies APK and given a detailed review about all the things this game has to offer. This game is available on both Android and iOS so start downloading and have fun playing this game with your friends and your loved ones. Feel free to share this article with your buddies, cheers!


Speeding Fast on the Motorcycle as a Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is a mobile game and that enables you to get on a motorcycle to drive through intense traffic and highways. The game is identical to the Traffic Racer. Important points to be noted are the right and the let handlebar. The racing game is a thrilling game that is especially loved by young boys, as they almost feel the joy of riding through the roads in their powerful vehicles. Players can also participate in racing events and enjoy superb visuals.

Free Currencies

While playing on the Traffic Rider Android, you can get free currencies, by touching the upper left corner of your screen which has the Free Cash button with three options. The first two options are to follow them on the Facebook and the Twitter which earns $1000 each while you earn $500 for watching their video.

Acceleration and Speed

For accelerating the motor bike, the right handlebar, is used, while the left handlebar is used to stop the motor cycle. The bike can also be tilted to the sides, by tilting the device in the same direction. There are about 20 types of motorcycles. Beginners can start with low-power bikes and then graduate to the more power ones. The motor cycles get their sounds from real bikes which are recorded to bring more reality into the game. Importance is given to day and night variations and their details. Riding a motor cycle very fast can get additional scores. If the player drives at a speed of above 100 kmp it will help to earn extra cash and bonus for the player. In the same manner, wheelies help to increase scores. Speed gets more cash than overtaking. Driving in the opposite direction in the two-way mode also gets more money.


Traffic rider review shows how players are able to spend their time racing down the lanes in their motor cycles. They have various missions to complete and driving at high speeds, avoiding other cars and tracks are some methods of earning cash and gold. Time is of essence and the biker has to run from one checkpoint to another in his motor cycle which increases the time by a few seconds. Combinations of various skills as a biker, such as speeding fast, racing on the opposite lane and passing closer to other vehicles on the road while driving, adds more coins to the player.

Traffic Rider is an endless game of racing and speeding that is played for its power and speed. Buying new bikes is a favorite for the young adult and buying them through the game keeps them almost happy, as buying real life bikes. In the game, buying new motor cycles is one of the motives and the player does this by upgrading on speed, and using brakes. Gold is a resource that helps to play after time runs out. Watching videos helps to improve resources. You can also go through Traffic Rider reviews to gain more knowledge on playing the game.

Download Traffic Rider Android
Download Traffic Rider iOS


How To Get Castle Clash Unlimited Gems By Using A Hack Tool? – Castle Clash Hack 2017

Castle clash is not just another game in the barrage of strategy war games. It is a highly competitive, very popular game which is gaining more fans every minute. Being a multiplayer online game, when you play Castle Clash cannot just go with it and hope to win. You need to have all your ammo ready, you need to have troops prepared and trained to go, you need to have gold and gems and all the other powers you can muster – because you are up against experts gamers who won’t think twice before tearing you off into pieces. You need to make sure that your castles are safe and that your troops are in a good position to give the opponents a good fight.

Do you think all your opponents play fair? If you do, you are in for a surprise. Consider this – most gamers use some kind of hack or cheat in order to have an advantage over their opponent. In fact, it is not surprising that they want something extra than their competitor because this is a game of cut throat competition and you are playing to win. Won’t you also want to have some such hack which can get you unlimited gold without spending a single penny? Here’s castle clash hack and get unlimited bonuses and cheat to the game.

A cheat can help you unlock higher levels instantly, thus helping you finish the game sooner.  Not only does the Castle Clash hack give you cheat to the game but also it gives you castle clash unlimited gems. These don’t cost a dime and this freely online hack software can help you dominate the game and crush the opponents. The hack gives you an unfair advantage – one which we are sure you would love to have.

How To Use The Hack Tool?

In order to get castle clash unlimited gems, you are required to visit the official online source of the hack tool and follow the instructions carefully. Just make sure, you will out your account and other details carefully. After filling the required information, it will only take few moments for the hack tool to generate unlimited gems and transfer them to your gaming account. For sure, excessive usage of the hack tool is prohibited as it will only get your gaming account banned.

True Features Of Castle Clash Hack

The best aspect of using the hack tool is safety. If you apply the tool in right manner, by no means your gaming account will get banned. The game developers have added powerful proxies and algorithms in order to make hacking activity undetectable. The tool is regularly updated and game lovers are served with continuous supply of gems and gold. With no worries of malicious codes and viruses hurting your gaming device, there is nothing to wait for and interested players must use the hack tool quickly. Play the wonderful Castle clash game with unlimited resources and have fun.


Fallout Shelter: Game of Vaults

Fallout Shelter is a free mobile game that is about vault management. The player has to oversee his own vault. The citizens of the vault will have to be guided by the player and all their basic needs, like food, water and power have to be met. These resources have to be balanced and provided to the citizens. Players can get various items required to play the game as they get up to $19.99, for free to by items like resources, caps and new dwellers. Fallout Shelter Android is a most interesting game that has captured many young players interest, as he takes on the role of an overseer of his very own vault. The game can also be played on the iPad, iPhone, Xbox, PC as well as on the Android. Fallout Shelter review shows how players love the game for its graphics, gameplay and resources.


The vault has to be protected and the Dwellers can be used as Secret Agents to lend further protection and to unveil any plots against the Vaults. Simulation Capacitors help to solve problems related to shutting down of the Vault. Additional Rooms have to be unlocked so that dwellers can gain additional skills and be content. They have to be placed in the right rooms so that their attributes are utilized to the maximum that helps in bringing up production. The attributes of the room are displayed as a small letter, which can be identified by zooming into the room. Dwellers with luck help to improve success rate and can be added to each room.


Rooms have to be built and they should be strategically located. Two similar rooms can be joined together to get better output. Hence provisions have to be allowed to connect rooms of the same type together in future. Rooms can be connected or upgraded on same levels. Rooms can also be upgraded to increase the storage capacity and to improve output. The growing population has increasing needs of water station and power and these needs are met when rooms are upgraded. Rooms can either be upgraded or expanded and the player has to make use of strategic implementation to do the required upgrading according to the need.


One of the chief aims of the overseer is to keep the dwellers happy. When dwellers are happy, the output increases. Happiness can be seen in Fallout Shelter Android, as they appear on the screen on the upper left corner. Happiness can also be viewed about each dweller when the dweller is tapped upon. To bring in more happiness, resources can be raised by providing dwellers the right jobs, providing them good living quarters and by providing breaks and incentives to workers. Placing a male and a female dweller in rooms also help to improve happiness. Dwellers are happy when they get caps and lunchboxes.

To level up quickly and to unlock various types of buildings as well as to get new dwellers to enter into the vaults, there are many tips that makes the Fallout Shelter Android game easier to play.

Download Fallout Shelter Android
Download Fallout Shelter iOS