Castle clash is a competitive game that requires a lot of tactical play to become the winner. The player is given a piece of land. The player has to protect his land, as there are dark forces all around, ready to attack. The player is given a Base Camp and several essential building such as the Town Hall, the Mana mill, the Gold Mine, the Watch Tower and the training center, which are useful to help the player progress in his game. With these buildings, the player can protect himself from enemy attacks. As the player proceeds to play in the game, he keeps upgrading the Town Hall that will enable him to unlock buildings and other building can also get upgraded too.

Types of Buildings

The important types of buildings are the Defense Buildings, the Attack Buildings, and the Resource Buildings. The decorations are also a part of the buildings. Building the base structures is a simple but time-consuming task which requires building armies, gather resources, enemies to be attacked, etc. With these strategies, he can become a powerful player.

Defense Buildings

The defensive buildings are useful to protect player base, while he is not online to protect it. This base is protected with hero totem, towers, the walls and the traps. The Towers help to protect it from intruding enemies. This protection is required when the player does not play and is offline. The Watch Tower has to be upgraded frequently. Once it crosses a particular level, it can be changed into the Arrow Tower, Cannon Tower or the Magic Tower. After a particular level, it attains a new feature named as Garrison. On reaching level 16, the Hero Totem is unlocked, while the Second Hero Totem gets unlocked at level 20. When the hero is placed in the Totem, he will take control and protect the base. The first defense in protecting the base is having a wall. The hero can overcome the enemy easily, before he overcomes the obstruction created by the wall. He can also place Traps to catch enemies. There are two traps, the Hero Trap and the Bomb Trap. The hero trap is used for exploding, when the hero comes within the range; while the bomb trap is used for exploding, when the troops come within the range.

Attack Buildings

Attack Building helps the players to attack as troops and heroes. Troops gather in Army camps and in Training Centre. The Hero has to be chosen from the Hero base and the Hero Altar. The hero gets his attributes from the hero altar, which also helps in upgrading.

By playing the multiplayer mode, the player can earn huge resources. The player requires gold to wage wars and battle. Even if you are locked by your enemy you can pay through gold and get re-rolled. While playing with low-level opponents, you can acquire loot easily. You can also use the Castle Clash hack to earn resources. Caste clash unlimited gems will enable you to gain levels, win battles, implement strategic plans and enjoy the game.


Castle Clash Base Building
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