Mini Militia Game Review

The mini militia is a popular 2D shooting game where you can play with your friends or campaign mode. Mini Militia comes for both platform Android and iOS and supports inter-platform playing. The game has different modes like survival, training and multiplayer which is the most fun to engage in. The gameplay may seem similar to survival mode of other games, but it also offers a variety of weapons and maps for micro-transactions. The multiplayer supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi across all platforms, and each server supports up to eight people.

The game offers a variety of maps for the player to battle in so the player doesn’t get bored coupled with cool graphic the game becomes an instant hit among friends. The online and offline Multiplayer gameplay feels seamless. You can create your custom Gameplay room with a password. You get to choose Maps you like and create teams.

The game was released by the famous developer Appsomniacs LLC on 5 April 2011 and has been a huge hit. The graphics style is a cartoonist, so the game is easy to run on low spec devices also as you get a good framerate. The control of the game is easy to understand, and the game itself is very addicting.

The game has a lot of customization you can change your players’ appearances to your liking. The game has different engaging modes:

Survival mode

In this mode, there is a wave of enemy’s robots coming to fight you from all directions, and you have to hold your ground against them for the longest time you can. You are paired with a computer bot to fight with all the enemies who always stays by your side helping you tackle the endless wave of enemy bots coming to your direction the whole time.

Training mode

It is similar to survival in this mode you are with a computer player who teaches you how to go about the game showing you different controls and weapons, toggling of weapons and various other options of the game.

Multiplayer mode

In this mode you can connect to multiple players and play against them in real time choosing maps of your liking. This game is the most fun as rated by the users as you go against your friends and different players in real time. Each time you die you again respawn until the times run out and there are points for every time you kill an enemy, and you get killed, and in the end, it shows a score chart of all the players of their deaths and kills helping them form statistics.

We hope we have covered all the aspects of this fantastic game MINI MILITIA and given a detailed review about all the things this game has to offer. This game is available on both Android and iOS so start downloading have fun playing this game with your friends and feel free to share this article with your buddies, cheers.

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