Fallout Shelter is a free mobile game that is about vault management. The player has to oversee his own vault. The citizens of the vault will have to be guided by the player and all their basic needs, like food, water and power have to be met. These resources have to be balanced and provided to the citizens. Players can get various items required to play the game as they get up to $19.99, for free to by items like resources, caps and new dwellers. Fallout Shelter Android is a most interesting game that has captured many young players interest, as he takes on the role of an overseer of his very own vault. The game can also be played on the iPad, iPhone, Xbox, PC as well as on the Android. Fallout Shelter review shows how players love the game for its graphics, gameplay and resources.


The vault has to be protected and the Dwellers can be used as Secret Agents to lend further protection and to unveil any plots against the Vaults. Simulation Capacitors help to solve problems related to shutting down of the Vault. Additional Rooms have to be unlocked so that dwellers can gain additional skills and be content. They have to be placed in the right rooms so that their attributes are utilized to the maximum that helps in bringing up production. The attributes of the room are displayed as a small letter, which can be identified by zooming into the room. Dwellers with luck help to improve success rate and can be added to each room.


Rooms have to be built and they should be strategically located. Two similar rooms can be joined together to get better output. Hence provisions have to be allowed to connect rooms of the same type together in future. Rooms can be connected or upgraded on same levels. Rooms can also be upgraded to increase the storage capacity and to improve output. The growing population has increasing needs of water station and power and these needs are met when rooms are upgraded. Rooms can either be upgraded or expanded and the player has to make use of strategic implementation to do the required upgrading according to the need.


One of the chief aims of the overseer is to keep the dwellers happy. When dwellers are happy, the output increases. Happiness can be seen in Fallout Shelter Android, as they appear on the screen on the upper left corner. Happiness can also be viewed about each dweller when the dweller is tapped upon. To bring in more happiness, resources can be raised by providing dwellers the right jobs, providing them good living quarters and by providing breaks and incentives to workers. Placing a male and a female dweller in rooms also help to improve happiness. Dwellers are happy when they get caps and lunchboxes.

To level up quickly and to unlock various types of buildings as well as to get new dwellers to enter into the vaults, there are many tips that makes the Fallout Shelter Android game easier to play.

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Fallout Shelter: Game of Vaults