Mobile games are a good hype with the ever growing increase of mobile use. There is no limit of age for playing games  because from a 5 years old to 60 years old almost everyone has those famous mobile games like candy crush, temple run ,subway and so on. So there is this game named “Vloggers go viral- Tuber game” published by Top developer  “Tapps games” under the stratergy group. It currently has around 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 downloads with about mixed 7,48,000 reviews.

What is this game about and why is it so famous?

We all agree that we love those tycoon games and this game is similar to it except that instead of building city , cafe’s , bakery.  ship yard or airlines it builds up your popularity on the virtual internet world inside the virtual game itself. Sure you can share your populairty and earned virtual game money with your friend and feel like a king while you play with it.

The way it operates is you as a player is a youtuber who makes videos ( Videos are build up by choosing which niche you want to make videos on and it automatically builds up some random video which is not visible to us or is real.) so meanwhile we are given a wait time with every single video that has to be build up. So instead of waiting you can keep on tapping the screen as a hack to finish it or you get those bonus items that you can collect and use it to decrease your wait time which is propotional to the real time. or simply you can watch those sponsored videos and get your video ready. The first few videos are made in couple of minutes but as the number of video you build up for the game increases the time to make that video increases. With every published video you earn cash and fame. Newpaper adevertisements and magzines act as tool to measure your progress. You can upgrade your desk, wall, the room, equipments and so on with that game money. So its all about being a famous Youtuber online. It is a fantastic game especially for YouTuber because they can relate to it and for Non-YouTubers so that they can live the cool life too. Over all its a stratergy game so use your skills and invest your money in right stuff and be a virtual king.

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