Fallout Shelter: Game of Vaults

Fallout Shelter is a free mobile game that is about vault management. The player has to oversee his own vault. The citizens of the vault will have to be guided by the player and all their basic needs, like food, water and power have to be met. These resources have to be balanced and provided to the citizens. Players can get various items required to play the game as they get up to $19.99, for free to by items like resources, caps and new dwellers. Fallout Shelter Android is a most interesting game that has captured many young players interest, as he takes on the role of an overseer of his very own vault. The game can also be played on the iPad, iPhone, Xbox, PC as well as on the Android. Fallout Shelter review shows how players love the game for its graphics, gameplay and resources.


The vault has to be protected and the Dwellers can be used as Secret Agents to lend further protection and to unveil any plots against the Vaults. Simulation Capacitors help to solve problems related to shutting down of the Vault. Additional Rooms have to be unlocked so that dwellers can gain additional skills and be content. They have to be placed in the right rooms so that their attributes are utilized to the maximum that helps in bringing up production. The attributes of the room are displayed as a small letter, which can be identified by zooming into the room. Dwellers with luck help to improve success rate and can be added to each room.


Rooms have to be built and they should be strategically located. Two similar rooms can be joined together to get better output. Hence provisions have to be allowed to connect rooms of the same type together in future. Rooms can be connected or upgraded on same levels. Rooms can also be upgraded to increase the storage capacity and to improve output. The growing population has increasing needs of water station and power and these needs are met when rooms are upgraded. Rooms can either be upgraded or expanded and the player has to make use of strategic implementation to do the required upgrading according to the need.


One of the chief aims of the overseer is to keep the dwellers happy. When dwellers are happy, the output increases. Happiness can be seen in Fallout Shelter Android, as they appear on the screen on the upper left corner. Happiness can also be viewed about each dweller when the dweller is tapped upon. To bring in more happiness, resources can be raised by providing dwellers the right jobs, providing them good living quarters and by providing breaks and incentives to workers. Placing a male and a female dweller in rooms also help to improve happiness. Dwellers are happy when they get caps and lunchboxes.

To level up quickly and to unlock various types of buildings as well as to get new dwellers to enter into the vaults, there are many tips that makes the Fallout Shelter Android game easier to play.

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Castle Clash Base Building

Castle clash is a competitive game that requires a lot of tactical play to become the winner. The player is given a piece of land. The player has to protect his land, as there are dark forces all around, ready to attack. The player is given a Base Camp and several essential building such as the Town Hall, the Mana mill, the Gold Mine, the Watch Tower and the training center, which are useful to help the player progress in his game. With these buildings, the player can protect himself from enemy attacks. As the player proceeds to play in the game, he keeps upgrading the Town Hall that will enable him to unlock buildings and other building can also get upgraded too.

Types of Buildings

The important types of buildings are the Defense Buildings, the Attack Buildings, and the Resource Buildings. The decorations are also a part of the buildings. Building the base structures is a simple but time-consuming task which requires building armies, gather resources, enemies to be attacked, etc. With these strategies, he can become a powerful player.

Defense Buildings

The defensive buildings are useful to protect player base, while he is not online to protect it. This base is protected with hero totem, towers, the walls and the traps. The Towers help to protect it from intruding enemies. This protection is required when the player does not play and is offline. The Watch Tower has to be upgraded frequently. Once it crosses a particular level, it can be changed into the Arrow Tower, Cannon Tower or the Magic Tower. After a particular level, it attains a new feature named as Garrison. On reaching level 16, the Hero Totem is unlocked, while the Second Hero Totem gets unlocked at level 20. When the hero is placed in the Totem, he will take control and protect the base. The first defense in protecting the base is having a wall. The hero can overcome the enemy easily, before he overcomes the obstruction created by the wall. He can also place Traps to catch enemies. There are two traps, the Hero Trap and the Bomb Trap. The hero trap is used for exploding, when the hero comes within the range; while the bomb trap is used for exploding, when the troops come within the range.

Attack Buildings

Attack Building helps the players to attack as troops and heroes. Troops gather in Army camps and in Training Centre. The Hero has to be chosen from the Hero base and the Hero Altar. The hero gets his attributes from the hero altar, which also helps in upgrading.

By playing the multiplayer mode, the player can earn huge resources. The player requires gold to wage wars and battle. Even if you are locked by your enemy you can pay through gold and get re-rolled. While playing with low-level opponents, you can acquire loot easily. You can also use the Castle Clash hack to earn resources. Caste clash unlimited gems will enable you to gain levels, win battles, implement strategic plans and enjoy the game.


Most Hyped Mobile Game

Mobile games are a good hype with the ever growing increase of mobile use. There is no limit of age for playing games  because from a 5 years old to 60 years old almost everyone has those famous mobile games like candy crush, temple run ,subway and so on. So there is this game named “Vloggers go viral- Tuber game” published by Top developer  “Tapps games” under the stratergy group. It currently has around 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 downloads with about mixed 7,48,000 reviews.

What is this game about and why is it so famous?

We all agree that we love those tycoon games and this game is similar to it except that instead of building city , cafe’s , bakery.  ship yard or airlines it builds up your popularity on the virtual internet world inside the virtual game itself. Sure you can share your populairty and earned virtual game money with your friend and feel like a king while you play with it.

The way it operates is you as a player is a youtuber who makes videos ( Videos are build up by choosing which niche you want to make videos on and it automatically builds up some random video which is not visible to us or is real.) so meanwhile we are given a wait time with every single video that has to be build up. So instead of waiting you can keep on tapping the screen as a hack to finish it or you get those bonus items that you can collect and use it to decrease your wait time which is propotional to the real time. or simply you can watch those sponsored videos and get your video ready. The first few videos are made in couple of minutes but as the number of video you build up for the game increases the time to make that video increases. With every published video you earn cash and fame. Newpaper adevertisements and magzines act as tool to measure your progress. You can upgrade your desk, wall, the room, equipments and so on with that game money. So its all about being a famous Youtuber online. It is a fantastic game especially for YouTuber because they can relate to it and for Non-YouTubers so that they can live the cool life too. Over all its a stratergy game so use your skills and invest your money in right stuff and be a virtual king.

Information About Township Mobile Game

Township is the most famous city building game that brings amazing farming experience for the players. Primarily, this is a management as well as casual strategy game as like Farm Ville. It enables the players to enjoy the complete game play and also let them to build a city, a farm and also the complete infrastructure surrounding them. Once you begin to play this township game, you have to plant some crops and also construct a few houses. In order to increase the growth, you need to buy a lot of new slots as well as maximize the size of your city. For this, you have to add a plenty of buildings to your township.


In fact, the gameplay of township is very simple as well as elegant in which every action can be carried out by simply moving the objects from one place to another. Unlike any other games, the township progress that you make should be visually much cleared. Even in the rural area, you have to build a valuable township of public services, SimCity and a city hall and so on. However, this is a fun, exciting and excellent management game that has made with extraordinary graphics. This is why; the township can be considered as one of the most addictive gameplay, which works very well on touch screen displays.

Amazing features of township

The main strategy of township game is building a new city and also creates farms around it. You should also construct the different grow crops, buildings and then enhance your town. In this game, the player has many responsibilities such as harvest various crops, manage agriculture on farms and also process them at factories. In order to build the residential areas, new factories, cinemas and other facilities, you have to sell some products and get money for making the life of the city. If you wish to enjoy the township android, you just consider the following amazing features of this game that include:

  • Several interesting tasks
  • Stunning graphics
  • Absorbing game play
  • Very simple and ease of controls
  • Cute characters
  • Easy to manage and understand
  • A wider collection of buildings and other structures
  • Well known to all wonders and monuments
  • Give chance not only to the harvest, but also begin production at its base
  • Invite your Face book and share with them about resources

Step by step methods to play township for PC

  • First, you have to download the blue stacks from the game official site
  • Run and install the software
  • Open up the blue stacks app and setup your Google play store with your Gmail account and sometimes it ask for human verification
  • After that you search for the game ‘Township’
  • Next to the game icon, you just click on Install button
  • Once you have done, you just find and play the township game in ‘My Application’ or ‘All Apps’ sections
  • Finally, enjoy the complete game play of township

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Download Township iOS

Game of War Fire Age: An Interactive Strategy Game to Play

Game of war is one of the most interactive and addictive strategy games for android and iOS devices. The specialty of game of war fire age android is delivering a lot of fun as well as the best amount of frustration. For beginners, there are some useful tips and tricks available for this game of war strategy game. If you need to be a better player, you just refer this useful guide that instructs you how to build an empire and how to wipe out the opponents by using strategies. However, this is an amazing fun fix game for the players who are very much interested to build an empire and fight against with the opponents during the game play.

Guide to play game of war: fire age without spending real money

The game of war is an excellent ancient civilization game that leads to a wide array of game play elements. To be most out of this game, the player should require the game of war strategies that include attacking, building, defending and researching. One of the top most tips for playing this game is to build an amazing city very quickly within an hour. This will make it possible to begin your game with sufficient power and get to begin receiving things. Another important thing to keep in mind on this game of war fire age ios is convincing you to spend your real money for buying in-game items. In order to upgrade your army with real cash, there are some bouncing coins, pop ups and also dozens of interruptions available for getting you to buy in-app purchases.

Excellent features of game of war: fire age

In the game of war fire age, you have to make your own unique hero who is better to play this game by leveling up their status. There are plenty of strategies included on this game such as train your army, fight your enemies, get equipment and also fight for the new territories of your state. For strengthening your army, you have to research for the latest technologies and also upgrade the city walls and buildings of your empire. By using in-game chat, the players can form the alliances with other players and also fight together with others. Some of the excellent features for game of war fire age are given below:

  • Battle other players
  • Large scale battles
  • Train army, level up and deck out the heroes
  • Build and customize the very own empire
  • Conquer the wonder to become the almighty emperor
  • Select your role a soldier, a leader or a builder that you decide
  • Craft legendary weapons to rise above the competition
  • Forge alliances with other players to conquer enemies and become one of the most powerful alliances in the kingdom
  • Train up the vast number of armies to lead into an action and then packed the battles on amazing world map
  • Able to play and chat with millions of players on the internet worldwide that available in 32 different languages- all in real time
  • Use your power to provide some special titles to your enemies and friends in the kingdom

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