Traffic Rider is a mobile game and that enables you to get on a motorcycle to drive through intense traffic and highways. The game is identical to the Traffic Racer. Important points to be noted are the right and the let handlebar. The racing game is a thrilling game that is especially loved by young boys, as they almost feel the joy of riding through the roads in their powerful vehicles. Players can also participate in racing events and enjoy superb visuals.

Free Currencies

While playing on the Traffic Rider Android, you can get free currencies, by touching the upper left corner of your screen which has the Free Cash button with three options. The first two options are to follow them on the Facebook and the Twitter which earns $1000 each while you earn $500 for watching their video.

Acceleration and Speed

For accelerating the motor bike, the right handlebar, is used, while the left handlebar is used to stop the motor cycle. The bike can also be tilted to the sides, by tilting the device in the same direction. There are about 20 types of motorcycles. Beginners can start with low-power bikes and then graduate to the more power ones. The motor cycles get their sounds from real bikes which are recorded to bring more reality into the game. Importance is given to day and night variations and their details. Riding a motor cycle very fast can get additional scores. If the player drives at a speed of above 100 kmp it will help to earn extra cash and bonus for the player. In the same manner, wheelies help to increase scores. Speed gets more cash than overtaking. Driving in the opposite direction in the two-way mode also gets more money.


Traffic rider review shows how players are able to spend their time racing down the lanes in their motor cycles. They have various missions to complete and driving at high speeds, avoiding other cars and tracks are some methods of earning cash and gold. Time is of essence and the biker has to run from one checkpoint to another in his motor cycle which increases the time by a few seconds. Combinations of various skills as a biker, such as speeding fast, racing on the opposite lane and passing closer to other vehicles on the road while driving, adds more coins to the player.

Traffic Rider is an endless game of racing and speeding that is played for its power and speed. Buying new bikes is a favorite for the young adult and buying them through the game keeps them almost happy, as buying real life bikes. In the game, buying new motor cycles is one of the motives and the player does this by upgrading on speed, and using brakes. Gold is a resource that helps to play after time runs out. Watching videos helps to improve resources. You can also go through Traffic Rider reviews to gain more knowledge on playing the game.

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Speeding Fast on the Motorcycle as a Traffic Rider